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Poultry Hatchery in Rosin

The plant produces chicks in accordance with EU standards. The production capacity of the plant is 750,000 chicks per week. Chicks are mainly grown for the farms belonging to IKO Kompania Drobiarska, but they are also sold to independent farms.

IKO has three growing farms supplying about 50 thousand meat breed egg-laying hens(Ross 308, Cobb 500, Hubbard Flex) to six company-owned reproduction farms twice a year.

Hatching eggs are supplied by specialized company-owned vehicles to the Poultry Hatchery in Rosin, which has the production capacity of 40 million chicks a year. High-quality hatching eggs, specialized transport, world-class hatching equipment (Pas Reform) as well as the roght microclimate at the Poultry Hatchery make it possible to obtain high-quality chicks, which are the basis for further production.

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