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Fodder Plant


The IKO Fodder Plant was modernized in 2010, when modern Dutch equipment was installed. The plant has two separate production lines simultaneously producing high-quality fodder for broilers and breeding stock. At present, the plant produces fodder only for the Company. The monthly production volume is about 4 thousand tonnes for broilers and over 1 thousand tonnes for breeding stock. The plant capacity makes it possible to double this figure and produce about 100-120 thousand tonnes per year.

Fodder components and mixtures are tested in Szczecin, at the National Laboratory for the Feedingstuffs of the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Cracow and are subject to continuous supervision by veterinary services. All the ingredients and mixtures used comply with EU requirements.

30% of the grain used by the Fodder Plant is produced by the IKO farm specializing in maize and wheat. The farm's equipment is modernized on a continuous basis, which ensures a higher level of crop yield and a steady increase in grain quality.



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