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The organization has seven production farms specializing in broiler growing and a few smaller entities that closely cooperate with it. They are located on natural and ecological areas in the north-west and west of Poland. All the farms are supervised by veterinary services, and animals are grown in appropriate hygienic conditions. Chicks are fed with own plant fodder . The cereals used for the production of fodder are characterized by high nutritional values.


The annual level of broiler production is about 12.3 million chickens, that is about 23,500 thousand kilos of livestock. At present, the production is conducted at the following farms: Czachowo, Będzieszewo, Dargoszewo, Ostromice, Radzim, Krąpiel, Radgoszcz.


About 282 thousand egg-laying hens are produced per year. The Company has three growing farms, and reproduction takes place at five farms.  




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