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Meat and poultry products

The IKO Kompania Drobiarska slaughtering plant in Augustowo only processes chicken from own production as well as from farms that closely cooperate with IKO. Slaughter is done using modern processing lines in the plant in Augustowo of the capacity of 6,000 chicken per hour, which allows us to process the entire volume of poultry grown in the Company. Modern slaughtering lines make it possible to obtain high-quality meat, characterized by recognisable taste. Along with production increase, the plant has modernised its cooling system, improved livestock unloading, production organisation as well as product packing technology. At present, apart from film-wrapped trays and vacuum packing, the plant offers the modern modified atmosphere packing (MAP) technology. Due to such solutions, the IKO is recognized on the market as a reliable producer of top quality tasty poultry meat.

Chicken carcasses are cut at two cutting plants: in Augustowo and Wiktorowo. The total production capacity of these plants is 2,500 tonnes of meat per month.


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