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Quality policy


The mission of IKO Kompania Drobiarska is the production of food in accordance with the quality requirements of each individual client and the legal and industry regulations in force. Implemented and effectively functioning of the quality and food safety management system, as required by the BRC and YUM certificates held by the Company , is aimed at improving quality and developing the client's confidence in IKO products. Being aware of the fact that further growth of our Company depends on customer satisfaction, we concentrate our efforts on continuous improvement of quality with particular emphasis on health safety. Health safety of our products is ensured by adhering to the principles of GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GHP (good hygienic practices) as well as hazard analysis and monitoring critical control points through the entire production cycle, from receipt of livestock to supply of product to the client. We pursue our quality policy through the following quality-related objectives:

  • Observing the principles of GMP and GHP
  • Continuous analysis of health hazards of products in the production cycle
  • Minimising product non-compliance and customer complaints
  • Continuous and systematic improvement of qualifications of our employees
  • Improving sanitary and hygienic regime in the production process
  • Continuous care for ensuring appropriate conditions of health and safety at work
  • Monitoring effects of the environmental impact of production

We evaluate the fulfilment of these objectives on the basis of reviews of the internal and external audit system.


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