EU project

Antibiotic free chickens

The Consortium: IKO Kompania Drobiarska Ltd and Farm-IKO Ltd get European Funds from European Regional Development Fund “Industry research and develop works made by companies” for project: “The Industrial scale of production process with full integrated, no antibiotics growing poultry”

The main project goal is innovation and new technology of the chicken growing in the industrial scale without using antibiotics and coccidiostats. All this innovation should also keep high health of the birds, fast, stable growing, with not high increase of the growing costs. Second innovation this is premium level of poultry meat, this health ingredients during the growing process without antibiotics with unique flavor for reasonable price for final customer.

Main project effects:

  • growing without antibiotics;
  • Increasing hatchability and less mortality of baby chicks from eggs after disinfection;
  • Implementation of technical solutions into microbiological save feed production line in particular: micro dosage innovation system, antistatic shells with bacterial biofilm counteraction, moisture deposition with final effect of high level quality of feed for no antibiotic broiler growing.

The total project amount: 39.370.908,42 PLN (IKO Company Ltd 29.482.871,91 PLN and Farm-IKO Ltd 9.888.036,51 PLN
European Regional Development Fund co-financing: 17.686.848,53 PLN (IKO Company Ltd 13.389.962,78 PLN and Farm-IKO Ltd 4.296.885,85 PLN

IKO Company is one of the biggest poultry producer in Poland, placed on 13th place total turnover in Poland according to Polish Poultry Chamber ranking. We are slaughtering more than 10 million pieces of birds/year and sale of over 200 tons/day. Despite of stable market position we are increasing production scale and discover new products, innovations with better quality for customers. “The Industrial scale of production process with full integrated, no antibiotics growing poultry” project is one of the steps which we do to achieve this goal.

The main project goal is eliminate antibiotics from the broiler growing on the industrial scale in full integration of poultry production from the field to the table including: hatchery, feed production, broiler and parents flock growing, slaughtering, cutting, processing and distribution of the poultry meat. In the same time still we will use high level of health and with fast growing of the birds.

  • All assumed effects will be achieved thanks of following innovation technologies:
    Original idea of microbiological save feed production line;
  • Original idea of parent flock and broiler nutrition;,
  • Original idea of hatch eggs disinfection;
  • Effective microbiology protection of the livestock buildings.

The project solutions will give better public health thanks of less drug resistance microorganism strains. To final consumers will go also premium poultry meat from the birds grow without antibiotics with only vege feed. In years 2023-2028 is planned 65,2; 77; 88,9; 98,8; 109 and 119 million kg of sold poultry meat where no antibiotic grow meat will share 2%, 4%, 8%, 12%,16% and 20%

It will be also advantage for farmers who will get feed with better microbiology status, with precisely prepared biological active ingredients for each birds groups. Produced by IKO Kompania Drobiarska feed would be used for reproduction flocks and also broilers what will give possibility to increase effects for huge poultry producers groups.